Why do you need an advisor to invest in property abroad?

Image fgrom the blog article "Why do you need an advisor to invest in property abroad?" by Paula Macedo, from PDA Portugal.

Being a foreign purchaser in Portugal and doing it alone or getting a little help from your friends can drag you to a spiral of problems that you might be aware of when is too late. Unless you are a multi-expert.

Let’s see.

Who’ll tell you how much it is really worth the property you fell in love with today, in the future?

Do you feel confident enough to deal and synchronize with a lawyer, a tax expert, an architect, an engineer, several agents, and sellers, in a foreign country?

Who’ll tell you how to comply with official statements in a way you don’t give away money and value to authorities?

It’s not they don’t like your money…

Who will prevent you from the contractor you hired fleeing? Who´ll be there for you to assure that he is doing the work properly?

Who will check if the property you like is eligible for the purpose you dreamed of in the first place?

Who’ll tell you, with real figures, how much profit and costs you should truly expect?

Are you going to acknowledge all that after you purchased?

Or when you want to sell and find out that you cannot because of any legal default?

Or you want to sell and you find out that the property is much worth less than you expected?

The advisory means cash on hand. Is an immediate payback investment. It’s up to you.

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