About us

About us


PDA Portugal exists to provide excellent property services, ensuring security and peace of mind for its clients’ investment decisions.


To be a benchmark in real estate services, providing peace of mind, confidence and value to all those who want to make a good investment and manage their assets safely and profitably.



We work with the truth and with respect for everyone.


We offer dedication to each client on the way to their project.


We are always present in everything we do.


We are constantly looking for the best result.


We protect your investment, never the seller’s business.

What you’ll get when partnering with us


Confident Overseas Investments

Our professional advice in real estate investments in Portugal ensures security by providing insights into local laws, regulations, and market dynamics. This guidance helps investors navigate potential pitfalls such as legal disputes or regulatory hurdles, safeguarding their investments against uncertainties.


Safeguard Your Investments

Assets protection is a crucial aspect addressed by our professionals. Through thorough due diligence and risk assessment, we help investors identify safe and lucrative opportunities while minimizing exposure to financial risks. By diversifying portfolios and implementing tailored strategies, we ensure the protection and growth of your assets over time.

Strategic Risk Management

Informed International Ventures

Risk management is central to successful real estate investments, and professional advice plays a pivotal role in this aspect. Evaluating market trends, economic factors, and geopolitical risks, enables investors to make informed decisions. By proactively identifying and mitigating risks, we help safeguard investments and optimize returns in dynamic international markets.

Our services

For private individuals

Buying a property to live or invest in a foreign country can be a challenging and demanding process… and we know it!

For companies

We offer unique services, absolutely geared towards achieving the desired results, with total dedication throughout the process.


Specifically designed solutions to meet your unique needs, preferences, and objectives. Personalized services, based on detailed assessments of your requirements, ensuring a precise fit in addressing particular challenges or goals. Flexibility, and attention to detail, aiming to deliver exceptional value and satisfaction.


Francisco Nabais​

Certified Accountant

He has a degree in Business Management and is a member of the Order of Certified Accountants. He is also a property manager for SMEs, at operational and strategic level, managing tax liabilities and operating income.
At PDA he is responsible for the integration and tax optimisation of projects and the management of income from real estate investments.

Marta López

Executive Coordinator

With a degree in Engineering from the University of Valladolid and an MBA from the University of Coimbra, she works in business organisation consultancy, focusing on systems and operational support for various companies and entrepreneurs.
At PDA she is responsible for implementing and maintaining administrative management, communication management and organisational optimisation solutions.

Pedro Correia

Civil Engineer

With a degree in Civil Engineering from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa and further training in Project Management, he works in the areas of planning and management of building works and developments, with an emphasis on budget evaluation, licensing, supervision and coordination.
At PDA he is responsible for project management and construction work, as well as the technical inspection of properties.

Pedro Godinho

Investment Analyst

A Civil Engineer from the Instituto Superior Técnico and a post-graduate in Applied Management from Nova SBE, he has worked in the banking sector, mainly in financial analysis and monitoring of property projects for national and international developers.
At PDA he is responsible for coordinating the department of financial analysis and strategic monitoring of property projects.

Rui Osvaldo Dias


He has a law degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Porto and a post-graduate degree in Business Law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Coimbra. For 11 years he worked in the banking sector, where he was involved in the sale of banking property portfolios, and is currently dedicated to legal advice in the business and contractual areas.
At PDA he is responsible for providing legal advice on the preparation, analysis and drafting of contracts, as well as carrying out due diligence on property projects.

We make a difference

Expertise. Competence. Expertise. Integrity. Rigour

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