What sets us apart


Because we are all different, we apply our knowledge and experience to design the best solution for your investment project or purchase intention.


Planning means saving time and money. Not losing your way, adjusting, controlling, in order to reach your destination. It’s in our genesis and we want to share it with you.


We work to deadlines. We are realistic when it comes to setting them, but we don’t make it easy to compromise, because your project depends on it.


We deliver results. All communication with our clients is based on measurable, traceable and actionable results.

Individuals and Investors

Are you buying a house to live in?
A property to rent?
Do you want to buy a shop for your business?
Are you looking for a farm in a peaceful location or do you want to operate a rural business in Portugal?
Whatever your challenge, we’re here for you.


Before you buy, we give you all the information you need to make the right decision, in all the specialised areas that involve your investment.

Defining your ideal property in the Portuguese territory and market
Searching the entire market for the right property for your purpose
Profitability study
Analysing the fiscal impact of the purchase and finding the best solutions
Legal audit
Building inspection and cost measurement
Contracts and formalities


Does your business need one or more properties to set up in Portugal?
We provide all the services to help you decide whether to buy or rent the right property.
The process of searching, selecting, analysing and auditing is complex and requires resources. If you want to bring your business to Portugal, don’t waste your company’s time and money dealing with the complexity of a specific property market, a different legal system and its own culture.
We’ve helped hotel and accommodation brands, co-working services, student and senior residences, industries, retail brands.


Search for the right property for the business
Audits of business development conditions in the properties found
Adaptive capacity in engineering and licensing
Construction diagnosis
Cost survey
Project co-ordination with head office

And for property development projects

Search, selection, feasibility analysis and preparation of financing processes


Do you have a property in mind and would like information to support your purchase decision?
Do you have a property with problems?
Do you have a property and need to know exactly what you can do with it and how much the solution will cost you?
Don’t know enough about Portugal to make an informed decision?
Do you have work teams in your country but don’t want to set one up in Portugal or relocate an existing team?
Do you have internal resources but not all the ones you need?
Don’t have enough information to decide to set up a business in Portugal?

Tell us what you need. We have the answer.

Services to Individuals

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Business Services

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Tailor-made services

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We specialise in

Property Market

We know the reality behind what is visible. We know the context, the prices and the trends. We know how to evaluate beyond what you’re told.

Property search

We go beyond the obvious. We leave nothing to chance. We do specialised research without wasting time.

Construction audits

Our engineers offer you a clear, objective and real view of the physical condition of the property.

Technical audits

Based on knowledge and experience, architects and other accredited technicians assess the regulatory compliance of all aspects of the property’s use, now and in the future.

Legality and taxation

We design the strategy for your investment. We apply the strategy to the properties to be acquired. We carry out legal and tax audits on the properties you have chosen.


Does your property have legal problems, licences or disputes?
We’ll sort it out. We tackle the complications and clarify all the issues.

The best services on the market

Want exceptional results? Work with exceptional professionals.

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