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In all my professional experiences, during my 35 years of active professional life, my greatest motivation has always been to offer quality to my clients, to deliver results that people can trust.

I’ve been in the property sector since 2006, specialising in real estate brokerage.

I’ve always had a natural vocation for helping buyers find the property they’re looking for in a dense and low-profile environment, offering them experience, knowledge and dedication.

Naturally, using previous skills, I began to manage and monetise properties for clients who live abroad and who still honour me with their trust.

I feel fulfilled when I get the best possible result for a client.

PDA Portugal is the result of this journey and the first step on a path whose raison d’être is to serve clients by putting excellence at the service of their property investment decisions.

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We leave nothing to chance

Real estate is naturally complex, involving many different specialities. The processes are comprehensive and lengthy. Our experience, combined with the rigour that defines us, makes them transparent and objective.
We add confidence and peace of mind to your property investment decisions.


We assess all aspects of the property to protect your property investment and guarantee your peace of mind.


The place aligned with your lifestyle


We check all the legal aspects of the property


We assess the quality of the construction and the condition of the property


The best tax solution for your situation

Economy Time

We take care of all the formalities


We look after your income

Management Team

Paula Macedo


Team of Representatives

Mário Rocha

Brasil Representative

Titlayo Yusuf, PDA Nigeria

Titilayo Yusuf

Nigeria & Western Africa Consulting Director

Aviv Oz Ari, Israel Representative

Aviv Oz Ari

Israel Consulting Director

Margaret Botha, South Africa Representative

Margaret Botha

South Africa & SADC Consulting Director

Sarah-Leigh Martin, South Africa Representative

Sarah-Leigh Martin

South Africa & SADC Consulting Director

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