How to Leverage Your Business in Europe

Most recent and relevant business district in Lisbon, called Parque das Nações (EN: Nations Park), as a great spot to real estate investments in both residential and business assets

How to Leverage Your Business in Europe

Non-Europeans often seek to diversify, expand, and safeguard their wealth and leverage their businesses in a mature and secure environment, such as Europe. Portugal offers abundant opportunities. Positioned as the gateway to Europe, Portugal boasts:

Prime Location

 Portugal serves as a strategic hub for industries and services, offering direct access to European markets comprising 500 million consumers. Additionally, its proximity to the US and Canada enhances its appeal as a business destination.

Language Advantage

Portugal acts as a bridge to Portuguese-speaking countries, totaling 260 million people. Establishing a base in Portugal enables direct access to 750 million consumers, creating significant market potential.

Institutional Strength

Portugal’s membership in the EU, OECD, and UN provides a solid foundation for accessing competitive markets and European funds. This institutional support enhances the country’s attractiveness for business ventures.

Infrastructure Excellence

Renowned for its world-class infrastructure, Portugal boasts connectivity to major global cities and hosts one of Europe’s leading ports. Its strategic location at the crossroads of key shipping routes further strengthens its position as a business-friendly destination.

Skilled Workforce

Portugal attracts international companies with its competitive and motivated workforce. Ranked 26th in the Global Talent Competitiveness Index 2022, Portugal offers access to skilled professionals across various industries.

Renewable Energy Leadership

Portugal’s commitment to renewable energy has earned it recognition as the EU country with the best performance in renewable energy inclusion. This focus on sustainability aligns with global trends and attracts environmentally conscious businesses.

Diverse Business Sectors

From automotive and IT to aerospace and financial services, Various global industry players thrive in the country’s favorable business environment, benefiting from favorable environment.


The government maintains a consistent system of tax incentives for investors across various business activities.

This environment favors the most classic and attractive investment: Real Estate.

Real estate investment remains a cornerstone of Portugal’s allure. In 2023, the country witnessed a record-breaking 6.8 million euros in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), with over half dedicated to real estate. Notably, Portugal emerged as a prominent European real estate destination for global companies in 2018, alongside increased demand from private foreign investors year-on-year. Investments span residential, hospitality, student housing, and commercial sectors.

Your Business, your Investment

Whether you’re planning to expand your business into Europe or start afresh in Portugal, this is the right place. With no barriers to foreign investment, Portugal offers tailored solutions and benefits for investors, regardless of residency status, which, by the way, can be obtained through investment.

No matter your business needs – an office, a building, a warehouse, a store – big or small, or you only want a safe income asset, Portugal has solutions and benefits.

PDA Portugal can guide you through every step of the process, find out how we can help you – contact us today.

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