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Do you believe in free lunches?

If you decide to get divorced, you’ll probably hire a lawyer, right?

You need to plan how to get out of a situation that involves several areas of your life, such as parenting issues, managing your own assets, and even business issues. It becomes necessary for these issues to be addressed by a specialist, emotions aside. You want efficiency and loss control.

And the lawyer provides you with a personalized solution, a strategy and an action plan, which will save your life from then on.

And what happens when you want to invest your money in another country?

Do you want to live out your retirement in Portugal? Do you want to earn an income? Do you want to come to Portugal on vacation? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to optimize your tax situation?

That’s all well and good. But do you want to tackle all this alone? Do you believe everything that appears on your social networks? Do you think that following in your friend’s footsteps will be just as good for you?

How many different and contradictory opinions have you heard?

PDA Portugal works for you, controlling the entire process and protecting your investment. PDA Portugal takes your unique case and works with a team of real estate experts to create the strategy and action plan you need to achieve your goals. So that you can make your decisions with clear, traceable and trap-free information.

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