A TRUE STORY – From the dream to the nightmare – Follow the Money – Part 3

Imagem do artigo A TRUE STORY - From the dream to the nightmare – Follow the Money, from PDA Portugal by Paula Macedo.

At the end of part 2 of our True Story, we tried to raise awareness of the original sin the French couple fell for: they believed they were the Real Estate agent’s customers, therefore that he would take care of their needs and not harm their interests.

However, the agent’s true customer is the seller, the owner of the property, with whom he has a selling contract, who’s going to pay him the selling commission, if and when he sells the property.

The agents and agencies have products to sell, like a catalog, and they strive to find buyers for their products, like any other sales agent of whatever product all over the world.

The Real Estate Agent

is a representative of the property owner, trying to sell his product as such, not as it could or will be, and not as the buyer wishes it to be. He’s dealing from a catalog, not a tailor-made product.

Therefore, the buyer should be careful and scrutinize the product before buying it, to confirm it is what he/she wants and fits his/her needs. Right?

Off course legal responsibilities are guiding the profession, not to mention work ethics and personal honesty. Although most of us are honest and truthful to our profession, you can find rotten apples in every profession, and all over the world as well. Real Estate it’s no exception.

Considering the amounts involved and potential life-changing mistakes like the one we’ve been telling here, it’s the buyer that should use the utmost caution as at the end of the day, the Real Estate agent follows the money. His commission is paid by the property owner.

I was a Real Estate agent for more than 15 years. I know what I’m talking about. I know agents, that would not do that business because it’s against their work ethics and they rather have a clean conscience. But I also know agents like the one we’ve been talking about here and they also sleep well at night. They just follow the money.

Wealthy people trust and pay specialists to help them make the right investment decisions, avoid losses, and secure profits.

They don’t spend money. They invest money. Why are you not doing the same?

For all these and other reasons, I decided to change sides and created PDA as it is today. We go the extra mile to help our clients, the buyers, to buy or to invest in Real Estate in a safe and informed way.

Working for buyers having no interest or profit at all from the selling process it’s an added guarantee of your success. This is the reason why we exist.

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